The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau.


About Boundless

Boundless LLP is a private equity investor unlike any other. Offering a bespoke approach to each project, it looks to work with diverse businesses, offering years of entrepreneurial experience to achieve strong profit growth to shareholder value. Boundless sets itself apart by its desire to only cherry pick the most interesting projects that capture its imagination, regardless of sector, and to build real partnerships by imparting its expertise and proven track record of value added investment.

Due to its targeted nature, Boundless works with great agility but unlike its peers, does so in a relaxed, discreet and minimalistic way - simply concentrating on building lasting relationships and delivering quantifiable results. Boundless has a strong portfolio of doing just that, working to remove the confusion and unpredictability associated with many other investment groups.

Its ‘any sector’ approach means that Boundless can draw on a wealth of different experiences, implementing strategies and tactics that have shown to be successful for a multitude of businesses. This experience allows Boundless to be flexible in its approach, whilst offering constant business insight and mentorship as required.

Imagination is Boundless.


An approach without boundaries.

it's our simple proposition


An approach without boundaries

Boundless looks to invest £25-£100 million of its own capital in a single transaction - although the Boundless approach has no boundaries

Targeted investment partnerships - not deal driven

Unusual and unconventional businesses as standard

Sector agnostic - a proven record of success across a multitude of sectors

Agile and flexible - driven by experience

and most importantly - Value added and supportive - a trusted mentor


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